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Celebrating 60 years of service to our customers!

We are a professional Sales and Marketing organization focused on the evolving and ever changing wireless communications industry. The company has a strong concentration in the Public Safety and Military markets. Additionally, we have grown with the Cellular, PCS, GPS, CCTV and related market segments since their inception.

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia,our primary focus is in the mid-Atlantic region:including Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

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We offer products from the following manufacturers:
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Covia Labs
Covia Labs automatically links diverse systems and devices together to create a Connected Device with advanced functionality, empowering personnel from different organizations with real-time information regardless of infrastructure or equipment.

Collcomm, Inc.
Focused on designing and producing products that provide a single point for connecting different radio systems, satellite phone systems, telephone networks and PTT cell phone networks.

Digital ID View
Latest technology in video security equipment, including digital video recording, Hybrid Cloud DVRs, IP MP Cameras, PTZ cameras, public view monitors and enterprise server and video mananagement software.

Advanced Wireless Communications
Indoor/outdoor emergency notification systems

Crew Communications
Hands-free, full duplex, digital personal communications systems for industry and mission critical first responders

Duplexers, combiners, RX multicouplers, base antennas and peripherals

Two-Way Communications and Data/Telemetry radio products

Police Digital Mobile Video Systems

WiPath Communications
Mobile Data Terminals for First Responders

Stancil Solutions
The Stancil Next Generation Multimedia Logging Recorder - the definitive recording solution

All Day Radio Batteries
Radio replacement batteries

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